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Below are a series of headings identifying instances where you commonly interact with other individuals. Under each heading are questions that include 3 possible responses to the particular instance identified.

For each question choose 1 out of the 3 responses that is MOST appropriate for you (identified on the LEFT side of the question), then choose 1 out of the remaining 2 responses that is LEAST appropriate for you (identified on the RIGHT side of the question). Make sure each question has an answer in both columns.

Successful businesses should have:

Strong, fearless, bold, leadership
Structure to get the job done promptly
Inspirational, dynamic, charismatic, leadership
Structure that motivates people to enjoy work
Studious, informative, factual, honest, leadership
Structure to implement and follow detailed plans

High energy, enthusiastic work environment
A strong work culture without interruptions
Fast paced, productive work environment
An understanding and caring work culture
A casual and creative work environment
A work culture that allows interaction

Production doing projects individually, real workers
Adaptability to be responsive for shifting priorities
Production doing projects in caring groups
Adjustability to set my own schedule, be independent
Production doing projects that mistakes are avoided
Time tested policies to get quality work done

Cooperation in teams for improved communication
The ability to change quickly without hesitation
Individuals that do it right the first time, conscientious
The ability to avoid confrontation, be understanding
Individuals in groups using imagination to develop plans
The ability to use consistent methods to get it right

Leadership that changes through group consensus
Decisions made quickly without mincing words
Leadership that satisfies the workers needs
Decisions made in the moment for flexibility
Leadership that stays a steady course
Decisions made and implemented strategically

Trustworthy and organized workers
Meetings should be enjoyable and informative
Freedom for individuals to solve problems
Meetings should be short and only when needed
Loyalty towards the hard working, self starters
Meetings should allow for creative ideas and planning

Using my style at work, I should be allowed to:

Focus on things happing now, watch details
Work with decisive action doing the task at hand
Always be looking for ways to help people
Work with people and groups correlating discussions
Help others see the big picture, what is possible
Work with specifics and facts monitoring results

Trust my experiences, get the job done on time
Be responsible to act quickly, take charge
Trust my hunches, even if I donít get done on time
Be responding with wisdom, creating beauty
Trust the protocol in getting the job done correctly
Be responsive using encouragement and wordplay

Others at work should be:

Always looking for a better way
Social and having fun at work
Accommodating and easy to approach
Quietly working with a good routine
Following directions without questions
Casual and do not get angry

Dependable and work steady without errors
Using creativity and good ideas to improve work
Smart, implementing new ideas
Working physically every day is good for the soul
Self starter with strength to work long and hard
Even tempered and have a predictable quality

My expectation of my personal style of working is to:

Talk to all involved to make decisions
Make up my own mind, be in charge
Think by myself for all possibilities before deciding
Develop a sensible plan & allow others to implement it
Use only facts and figures to make a decision
Put in a honest day's work without complaining

Be busy all day, use the simplest practices
Say what I mean, up front
Be friendly and flexible
Be well accepted, upbeat, and cajole with people
Have as few changes as possible
Be empathetic, innovative, and creative

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